Customised IR limb heater

The intended use of the IR limb heater is in the treatment of physical ailments where heat is a known or possible remedy. Conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, post-surgical healing where thermal treatment can be of benefit and muscle and fibre damage.

The heater will be customised to the type of limb or the area of the body to be heated. The overall size of the heater and the shape of the heater will be customised to the requirements of the individual.

Ceramic heaters have been used in the heating process of industrial products for over 50 years. The addition of comfort heating products to the range of ceramic heaters has been very well accepted by the market and these products continue to gain in popularity. The use of a non-contact infrared ceramic heater to heat a localized area is very common place in industry. This same principal can be applied to the use of ceramic heater to locally heat an area as required within the body.



These products are under development and are not approved by any authority.

Printed IR heater

This case study was designed to comprehensively test and evaluate new materials, feedstocks, devices and processes.
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